Private-Plated Vehicle Entitlement

Senior Advisers who are employed for more than 3 months with ordinary hours of duty of 30 hours or more per week are entitled to the use of a private-plated vehicle for private and business purposes. Alternatively, they may be paid an allowance in lieu of the vehicle. For periods of employment of 3 months or less or for part-time senior staff with ordinary hours of duty of less than 30 hours per week, the allowance in lieu is paid.

Leased Vehicle

Vehicles are leased through a whole-of-government fleet provider and serviced, maintained and fuelled at Australian Government expense. sgfleet is the current contracted vehicle supplier. Some vehicles may still be leased through the previous contracted vehicle supplier, LeasePlan Australia (LeasePlan).

Vehicles must be selected from a list of Australian Manufacturers’ vehicles, under a vehicle package subject to a vehicle price cap.

If an employee has opted for a private-plated vehicle, an interim vehicle may be provided while waiting for the ordered vehicle.

On occasions there are surplus vehicles available which are normally vehicles that have been returned prior to the expiration of the lease. As termination penalties for leased vehicles can be considerable, the ACT Territory Manager will reassign any surplus vehicles, where possible.

Maintaining your Vehicle

It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is regularly serviced in line with the manufacturer’s warranty. Regularly check the vehicle service book located in the glove box of the vehicle to ensure periodic services are undertaken. If you have any problem with the vehicle, contact your service agent.

The fuel card provided with the vehicle can also be used to cover the cost of washing the vehicle at facilities that accept the card, however, the cost of other car wash or detailing services are not met by the Commonwealth.

The sgfleet and LeasePlan guides have details on who to call for servicing, tyres, windscreens, batteries and roadside assistance.

The attached summary of guidance on industry fair wear and tear standards is reproduced, with permission, from the Fair Wear and Tear Guide produced by the Australian Fleet Lessors Association (AFLA). Both sgfleet and LeasePlan are members of the AFLA and endorse AFLA guidance on unfair wear and tear.


All damage to the vehicle, however minor, must be reported and repaired promptly. Any theft or malicious damage involving the vehicle must also be reported to the Police.


The sgfleet Driver Assistance Card has details on who to call in the event of an accident.


The LeasePlan Accident Management card has details of what to do and who to call in the event of an accident..

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards will be provided with the vehicle to cover the cost of fuel purchases. Odometer readings are required to be provided when using fuel cards. Where petrol stations do not have provision for electronic recordings of odometer readings, a receipt should be obtained and the odometer reading recorded on it. The receipt should be forwarded to M&PS. M&PS will not authorise payment of accounts where odometer readings are not provided. The readings are essential to ensure that fuel bills can be matched to vehicle use. Failure to provide odometer readings will lead to the employee concerned being asked to personally certify accounts for payment and/or the cancellation of the fuel cards.

Should fuel be required when a fuel card is not available, the driver may pay for the fuel and seek reimbursement from the ACT Territory Manager.

Fuel cards issued with the vehicle also allow for the use of vehicle washing facilities at locations that accept the card.

Traffic and Parking Fines

Employees are personally responsible for the payment of traffic and parking fines.

In most circumstances, infringement notices are initially issued to sgfleet or LeasePlan. They are then passed on to the employee for payment. In addition, where an administrative charge for processing an infringement notice is levied, M&PS will obtain reimbursement from the employee concerned. The administrative charge for each infringement notice is currently:

  • sgfleet: $16.50
  • LeasePlan: $27.50


For any queries relating to your Private-Plated vehicle contact the ACT Territory Manager or your Advice and Support Director.